Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Moment of the Day

(Warning: this post involves the use of terminology for the anatomy of a male).

Today we had simulation lab, which means that we were run through a scenario that we would likely see in the hospital, but we were working with mannequins instead of real people. This is important to the rest of the story.

Our patient, his name was Mr. Green, had to have a Foley catheter put in. My friend went through all of the steps of the procedure but when she went to put the Foley catheter in she grabbed the penis to steady it but ended up RIPPING IT OFF OF THE BODY.

Apparently the mannequins have removable reproductive parts to make them a male or female depending on what was needed that day.

She was mortified, I just about died laughing and we could hear our instructors on the other side of the observation window chuckling. It was super awkward, but completely awesome.


  1. 1. I was stalking Gini's blog and found yours!
    2. This awkward story just made me burst out laughing at work.
    3. I miss you, friend!

  2. Emily! I am so glad someone is reading this! I miss you too friend! Hope you're doing well!