Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things Brandon Says

Something you should know about my husband:

He really loves me.

Like, a lot.

I know this because he puts up with me and has for the last seven years or so. Aside from when he's driving, he's one of the least mean-spirited people that I know and when people ask me what I love about him the first thing I usually say is that he's just so genuinely kind hearted and nice. That said -

Sometimes I think he was born without a filter. Not in a bad way - I honestly can't recall ever hearing him say so much as "sucks" - but in a way that makes me wonder if he just doesn't think about how what he's saying is going to sound to the person hearing it.

Pregnancy has been a lot of fun with him. Starting from when I came out of the bathroom the night we got back from a very long day of traveling after Thanksgiving and told him I was pregnant -

"Cool, there's still a suitcase in the car."

To the other night when I was rolling over and he told me I reminded him of one of those -

"Whales that's been stranded in the sand somewhere."

(Me) "A beached whale?"


(Me) "I remind you of a beached whale turning over?"

"Yeah,  if beached whales groaned every time they moved."

Yeah, like I said - it's been a blast. I thought I'd share some of the funnier things he's said because well, for one they're funny and two, I'd like to have some kind of permanent record that these things came out of his mouth while I was carrying his child.

(At about 16 weeks)

Me, rubbing my stomach - "Babe, look, there's finally a little bump."

Brandon, glancing up - "You always look like that."

(20ish weeks)

Me - "I went through my closet today and pulled out and bagged up everything that doesn't fit anymore."

Brandon, blinking - "But... I mean, you're going to get skinny again, right?"

(25 weeks)

Me, innocently cleaning up the kitchen.

Brandon, smirking.

Me - "What?"

Brandon - "You're just my little butterball, that's all."

(28 weeks)

Me - "Look, you can see her little arm moving around."

Brandon, looking - "That could just be a gas bubble."

(And most recently...)

Me, getting dressed - "What?"

Brandon, laughing - "You're just... (more laughing)... Really pregnant, that's all."

I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that stick out the most to me. Also I'm getting tired of looking for animations. Oh, Brandon. I love you. Never, never change.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well, hello there.

Hey, let's skip that awkward part where I talk about how I haven't blogged in *cough* fifteen *cough* months and just look at this pretty picture: 

Gorgeous, huh? That's the view I had when I woke up this morning. Sometimes it takes a beautiful sunrise like this to make me really take a second and remember how incredibly blessed I am. There are some very exciting things on the horizon (see what I did there?) and I miss blogging. I'm not going to promise anything because, well, let's be honest - I'm pretty terrible at updating this thing, but I'm going to try.