Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have been having some crazy dreams lately. I think its because i'm stressed from school and not really sleeping well. last night I dreamt the following:

a) a boy from my high school and some random girl that apparently becomes important to me later in life were trying to kill each other! and they both had really nice white sports cars that they were chasing each other around in through a parking garage.
b) brandon dressed up like a reindeer. This was supposed to be seductive? I don't know, it was so strange.
c) gini matz posted a bunch of pictures of me from high school (even though we didn't go to high school together) and college on facebook and i was really mad because they were less than flattering.
d) i got called out during convo by Jerry Falwell for not navigating a four-way stop correctly.
e) i was in class with a bunch of people from high school/Liberty/TCU and apparently there was a bomb threat so they were going to relocate us to a hotel in the middle of downtown (I'm not sure what city we were in). i thought this was stupid and told them so because "if anything is going to get blown up its downtown!" but they didn't listen to me and so we went to the hotel and then my teacher got a call that they had been mistaken and the bomb was actually in the hotel! i was right! so we ended up dramatically running out of the hotel. who knew dreams had slow motion?
f) katie and josh decided they couldn't keep Lorelai so they were going to give her to a friend of my mom's.  (lorelai is a dog, but this would never, ever happen.)

yes, i had all of those dreams in one night and they are still very vivid. if anyone is a dream interpreter let me know. actually, please don't.

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  1. I just laughed out loud. I'm so glad you had a dream about me- random or not. and I promise i will never ever ever post unflattering pictures of you.