Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not gonna lie.

I'm pretty impressed with myself today. You see, as I sit here typing this, I am staring at these pretty things:

And I have the sweet satisfaction of knowing that I made them. Our office is pretty bland... the paint color is BORING and, let's be honest, when you're trying to fit the massive amounts of books that two full time students own (especially when one of those students is a seminary student) along with their desks and other various necessities, function is far more important than fashion. Embarrassingly enough, before I made these cute little curtains we had a single sage green panel over the window to block out the light (we face directly west so in the afternoon the sun is killer- I had to wait until after 7 to take these pictures so that it wasn't burned out). I really wanted to do something to get a little color in there without it being too girly. Here's the print close-up:

Crap, I just realized I have this hanging upside down.
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and loved it, but I have a habit of thinking I'm crafty when I'm really not. I left the fabric there on the first trip but then yesterday decided that I was just going to get it. I followed these instructions for no-sew curtains and after about an hour (which I spent multi-tasking by also watching "The Adjustment Bureau") I was the proud designer/creator of those cute little curtains.

Now, I'm not deluding myself into thinking they are some great work of art, but as my first real DIY project, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Just for fun, here's Brandon's desk/work station/command central:

It's intense in here sometimes.

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