Friday, June 24, 2011

Cool Trick.

In high school I dislocated my shoulder while swimming. It popped back in place and I just let it heal on its own. For the most part it's totally fine and unless I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt and you can see how my left shoulder is pokier than my right shoulder, you can't really tell (you can kind of see it in the picture below- no, I don't know why the ketchup bottle is in a cup and I'm holding a citronella candle because it was my birthday candle to blow out).

See that little bump on my left shoulder? 

My shoulder has a cool trick... it can detect when there are changes in atmospheric pressure. I've heard of people with similar (or much worse) injuries being able to do this but I like to think I'm special. So this morning my shoulder was hurting and I thought to myself, "Yes!! It's going to rain!!" And then I looked at the weather report for this week: 

And I realized that sometimes your shoulder hurting doesn't mean it's going to storm. It just means you slept on it funny and are desperate for a break in the heat. Oh, by the way... it says that its only 96 today but of course Texas had to outdo itself and its already over 100. Gotta love that sense of overachievement!! 

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