Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My husband.

Brandon is out of town this week for Super Summer (youth camp). 

Please don't come rob my house because you know my husband is out of town. I have this guard dog and she is fierce: 

I also have a gun. Anyway.

I miss him oh so very much. His birthday is Saturday and he will be 25. I know... he seems so much older and more mature doesn't he? Probably because he's been taking care of me since he was only 21, it aged him. I love these next two months because we are the same age and whenever anyone asks how old we are I don't have to hear "robbing the cradle" jokes. 

In honor of his 25th birthday on the 25th, I've come up with the top 25 reasons I love Brandon. In no particular order: 

1. He is the kindest person that I know. 
2. He never, ever cusses and I have only heard him use words like "piss" or "suck" a handful of times. 
3. He's a computer genius. Honestly, if there is something that you need done on your computer he either knows how to do it or can figure out how to do it within a matter of hours. 
4. He works so hard to provide for us while we are both in school. We are both full time students but thankfully I do not have to work. 
5. He loves his momma. 
6. He has never even glanced at another woman since we've been together. (Side note: at what age does it start feeling normal to call yourself a woman and not a girl? Because it still feels weird for me.) Even on my absolute worst days he'll still tell me that I'm pretty. I ignore it when he tells Chloe the same thing.
7. He eats anything that I make for him.
8. He never makes a comment when I ask him if we can just pick something up for dinner because I'm too tired to cook. 
9. He stays in touch with people. You all know I'm terrible at this. 
10. He takes care of all of our bills. And our taxes. And even though he's making all the money he never makes me feel like its not OUR money. 
11. Sometimes he'll take my car and put gas in it. When I was pregnant I took advantage of this ALL the time (gas fumes are bad for preggos, didn't you know?) and now that I'm not pregnant I still take advantage of it because Brandon knows if he doesn't put gas in my car he'll likely have to come and rescue me.
12. Speaking of rescuing me, he drove 30 minutes to jump my car because I left the headlights on ALL DAY LONG. Then as we were getting everything connected the security guard drove by and asked if we needed a jump. Whoops, sorry babe.  
13. He is funny. Like, really funny. 
14. He hides his XL t-shirts from me. I swear that I threw all of them out when we first got married by ever so often I will find him swimming in another one.  
15. He drives everywhere we go. At first I thought I would hate giving up driving privileges (control issues, anyone?) but now I love it because I can spend that time doing other things... like blog stalking.
16. He is very loyal.  
17. He buys treats he knows I'll like at the grocery store because he knows I won't buy them but I actually really want them and if I have a treat I won't yell at him for buying a bunch of crap (like Little Debbies). 
18. If he buys something, he doesn't just buy it. He researches it and finds the best one available and then finds it at the best price. 
19. He is a good daddy to Chloe and I know he is going to be an awesome dad to our future kids. 
20. His life hasn't been easy peasy but he chooses to focus on how God has blessed him. 
21. He squeezes my bottom everyday when he gets home from work or when I get home from the hospital. Too much information? Too bad. 
22. He likes to stay home and watch movies as much as I do. 
23. He stays with me if I ask him too. I don't mean to sound too clingy, but recently I've had really bad social anxiety and need to have him nearby. 
24. He loves me. He really truly loves me and I am very unlovable at times. 

(Okay, this one is last because it really is the most important one). 

25. He loves God and strives to honor God in all aspects of his life. He leads a genuine life and leads our marriage with integrity. 

Happy Birthday Sweetie! 


  1. Umm I love this post! Happy Birthday Brandon... and way to pick a great hubby, Krista!

  2. Aw, what a good hubby you have!