Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today I heard a nurse talking with another nurse about a contract (her words) that she and her daughter had made. Apparently for every week the daughter honors the things on the contract she gets a "prize". The list included normal kid things like:

- clean room
- do homework
- help in the kitchen

I thought it seemed pretty normal until I heard this:

- don't run away from home

Wait... what??? Don't run away from home? That's something you have to put in a contract? And the daughter gets rewarded if she doesn't run away? Here's a normal reward for not running away: room and board. The mom was asked how old the daughter was and she said, "We're getting to the difficult stage... she's almost 10." 

Now, I fully admit that I was a handful as a preteen. Honestly, I can't believe I had any friends and I'm really surprised that my parents made it through that stage without actually beating me. But putting the fact that the daughter can't run away from home into a contract? There's a story there and I really want to know what it is. Too bad I don't actually work on that floor and was just passing through. 

Chloe sometimes thinks about running away. When she isn't yawning- 


Or just generally being adorable- 

Her life is rough.

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