Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

- Turning down a hallway the same time someone else turns down the same hallway so you end up walking side by side... even though you don't know each other. Hmmm... what's that super interesting display on the wall?
- Being unable to understand what your waiter is saying to you (and asking "what? several times) and having to have your husband translate and answer for you (at a sushi place).
- Let's be honest, back sweat. it's gross. today after i dried my hair I had to wipe off before i could put my clothes on.
- Having the target lady apparently think i look like a shoplifter. Yes... I really am only taking four items into the dressing room, no need to take them from me and count. And it's target. The combined value of said items is probably $17.
- Overhearing a conversation in the target fitting room between friends? sisters? about sweating a lot. One girl said, "I wish I could just hold it all in me but then I would probably burst like a fire hydrant." Lovely.
- Trying to use your kroger card at albertsons and the checker trying to polite explain to you that you couldn't use it. me: "why not?" checker: "because this is albertsons ma'am." me: "oh."
- My bangs. On the days I don't have to see anyone or do anything they look awesome and fall perfectly. on days i need them to cooperate they decide to mutiny.

- Finally seeing the fruits of the construction labor that has been going on for the past several years. I made it through an exit without having to stop today and it was pretty awesome.
- My citizens of humanity jeans. i bought them at plato's closet and they are just fantastic. i used to think it was stupid to spend so much money on jeans but i'm probably going to become a jean snob now because i cannot imagine putting another pair of pants on my body.
- Its way to hot for white chicken chili but i found a recipe for white chicken enchiladas that has pretty much the same ingredients. score!
- Seeing a man with a prosthetic leg running today. hello inspiration.
- Listening to music while i ran after several weeks of not listening to music. it goes by so much faster.
- Substitute teaching. The best parts of teaching without any of the preparation.

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