Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let me tell you something embarrassing.

This was my friend Rachel's status today on facebook: 

Well, I started to reply and say "I only work through the night when I'm procrastinating." However, I got distracted during the middle of the word procrastinating and set my phone down. Somehow, someway my phone turned on me and changed "procrastinating" into "procreating" AND posted it as a reply. So it read "I only work all night when I'm procreating."

I didn't know that this had posted until a couple hours later when I get a text from Rachel asking if I was okay and if I had left my facebook open. I checked out what she was talking about and saw the reply and I just about died. Other people had commented on her status which meant that other people had seen what I wrote! I immediately deleted it but now I wish I had saved it so you too could enjoy my faux pas.


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