Friday, August 12, 2011

A Peach, or Things You Probably Shouldn't Say Even if it's True.

(To set the scene: We're watching TV from the couch and I'm lying with my head at one end and my feet are in Brandon's lap at the other end. )

Brandon: (pointing to something on my leg) Is that a bruise? 

Me: Probably. 

Brandon: How'd you get it?

Me: I have no idea. I bruise easily. 

Brandon: I know, you're my little Georgia peach. 

Me: Aw, you're so sweet. 

Brandon (rubbing my (stubbly) leg): Yep. you bruise easily and you're a little fuzzy, just like a peach.

I pretended to be offended and then I laughed. Because it's true. 

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